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roommates at u of m in 1956-57

Autor: jerry brooks

01.01.2013 21:33:36

i roomed with joe for a semester at u of m when he first arrived. he was a pleasant quiet individual who occasionally played his guitar for us. he qot interested in a group of revolutionaries who used to get together and sing the communist international. i think it was more for fun, than really accepting it as a cause. he was extremely proud of his parents and their achievements. he took us to a local movie house that showed foreign films to see his father's work. he beamed when we enjoyed the films. the previous summer, he was working on the set of he, who must die, and he had many stills from the location. at this time he was living under the name, joe dawson. his guitar and singing were just a hobby and did not fortell his future success. i lost track of joe after leaving michigan, and heard no more until after his death. such a loss of talent. j. brooks 2013

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From Carla     08.08.2018 17:50:01

I'm trying to recover my breath...what a fantastic opportunity, wonderful

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