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From Donna    06.07.2005 21:06:13

You bring so many memories and make my heart full.

Thank you!

From cezary from poland    18.06.2005 03:12:03

i love you joe

From Liz    14.06.2005 00:44:04

I am English and have very much enjoyed visiting this site. I shall definitely be visiting again.

From paree    04.06.2005 23:06:37

i'am one of the fans of joe dassin now. can you imagine that his songs is still alive today also. i heard speaking of that song from a friend of mine. i'am from mauritius but now in england. and i really love that song 'et si tu n'existerais pas' but i can't download the full song. i need to buy one i think. will i get it here. cheers to joe dassin!!!!

From Dee    02.06.2005 00:47:50

Joe Dassin will always remind me of my 1989 French skiing holiday. I can never forget that absolutely amazing and romantic voice. I have since purchased several of his CD's I had no idea that he had already passed on to a better place and was saddened when they told me. It's always a shame when someone who gave so much to our world of music had to leave us in his prime when he could have given us so very much more of his tallent.
Found you so late, but will always remember you through your beautiful music!
South Africa

From Patty    22.05.2005 17:21:59

I have a 10 Francs banknote signed by Joe Dassin during his concert in Lebanon 2 months before he died, its very special to me, but unfortunately im in need to sell it... if anyones interested plz contact me for further details...
Plz only reply if ur serious...

From Yrsa    15.05.2005 16:27:28

Yes, the song Et si tu n'existe pas has a special meaning to me, and it still bring tears into my eays! I remember, how I met my Garman love, when listening to that song. But there are some other songs too, that I love: the list is long!

From marco Hof de pays bas    05.05.2005 19:44:15

Chere mes amis
je dois vous feliciter avec de site de internet mervieulleux de notre meilleur chanteur de la FRANCE. Je suis en train de chercher les disques ou de DVD de lui si quelqu´n peut me aider merci beaucoup

From sylvie    03.05.2005 02:18:00

The song et si tu n'existe pas brings tears to my eyes every time i hear it. it moves me in a way that reaches deep down to my soul like nothing or no one ever has. his voice is effortless,thank god for the internet,for i was able to download all my favorite joe dassin songs. his music is nothing short of a miracle. i live in florida in a town that lacks culture and excitement,but i know that everytime i turn on my pc, i can pretend im back in cannes walking down the croissette. je vous remercie beaucoup cherie joe!

From Piotr    25.04.2005 01:14:59

I co mo¿na jeszcze napisaæ? ¯e by³ to goœæ, którego wspomina siê jak Freddiego Mercury czy Beatles'ów?
Joe forever !!!

From Augusto    08.04.2005 21:49:26

Semplicemente fantastico....le canzoni, la vita, il fascino del personaggio....
Un concentrato di sentimenti puri e brillanti, coloratissimi e soffici tra romantiche parole e melodie da sogno.
Massimo tributo.

From Mylene Tadebois 31.03.2005 15:44:01

Salut a tous.

From mukela    18.03.2005 17:31:20

Joe ist für mich ein wunderbarer Sänger, ein Mensch mit Ausstrahlung und ein Mann mit Sex-Appeal. Als Jugendliche schon habe ich seine Lieder lieben gelernt und auch jetzt, 30 Jahre später, höre ich seine Lieder immer noch sehr gerne. Seine Stimme gibt einem so viel und man empfängt Wärme, Ruhe und Frieden. Dort oben im Himmel hat er mit Sicherheit auch eine große Fan-Gemeinde und singt mit seiner unvergleichlichen Stimme die schönsten Lieder! Danke, daß Du bei uns warst!!!

From kehlen crow    10.03.2005 13:31:30

Klausi, können Sie mir bitte hilfen die Wörter des deutches Liedes fon Joe Dassin zu finden?
Ich habe noch weniger in der Internet gefunden.

Danke schön :)

From Klausi 28.02.2005 20:56:31

Schöne Grüße an und für alle Joe Dassin Fans. Leider werden seine Lieder wenig in Deutschland gesendet. Habe nun Nostalgie fr. entdeckt und höre ihn desöfteren. Joe Dassin hat mit meiner kleinen Tochter und mir zwei neue Fans gefunden.
Danke dafür...

From Claudie Levine    04.02.2005 03:06:50

Salut Joe,
Thank you for being the artist that you are, great voice, I mean great voice Joe.Et si tu n'existais pas is still 1
on my chart.God Bless in all that you do. All my love.

From leila    11.01.2005 21:59:27

joe joe je l'adore
quand j'etais etudiante de la langue français je l'ai connue par mon pense que il est le meillure chanture.

From maris bosh    10.01.2005 18:01:03

je suis etudiant de lettonie. j'ecris un travail d'annee sur joe dassin. et je voudrais que vous m'envoyiez votre opinion de joe et vos pensees sur son role dans la musique francaise en 20 ieme siecle. ca sera tres jolie! apres, je vous envoyera mon travail , quand il sera fini. :) maris bosh

From Ehsan    06.01.2005 13:37:37

I'm Ehsan, a Persian. It is not a long time that I listen to Joe's songs; however I am finding a lot of passion and romance in them. I must confess that I know a word or two of French but the songs are so beautiful so I need not to understand the words to feel the passion. Joe is one of the best singers ever.

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song ...