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From RICHARD SHEFFIELD    13.01.2004 09:36:48

Just found this page tonight. I've been wondering whatever happened to Joe for the last 50 years or so. Joe and I were close buddies in elementary school. Our love and fascination for classic horror films and character make-up was what bound our friendship, BUT with his dad's political problems, he left our school and neighborhood, and I never knew of his fate until tonight. Somewhat shocked and saddened and still quite pleased and proud of his accomplishments. I had always hoped that I would find his whereabouts someday, BUT.....

From Naren    09.01.2004 14:28:41

Tous qui voit ce message,je voulais vous dire que j'aime Joe Dassin

From Erik 09.12.2003 14:36:21

Wonderful site. "The best of Joe Dassin" was my first record, back in the early seventies. This site brings back memories.

From Lucas Lorenzi    30.11.2003 10:39:21

As a German,who lives in Kyoto/Japan I am very glad to listen often to Joes' songs in German language.I love his voice and my favorite song is " Et si tu n'existtais pas."I wish his soul all the best.

From bazlur rahman    29.11.2003 10:16:29

I'm a Bangladeshi. Most Bengalis love songs of their own language. As for me, when I was a student in the former USSR knew about Joe. I found that he has a great voice. At that time I did not speak French, but now I learned French in Canada and it was great pleasure to know french language and songs of Joe. I appreciate the people who made this web site and thaks all the folks. Joe, We love you and the funs will remember you.

From sheila x    01.11.2003 09:09:33

joe you were the best you are the best the greatest singer and my everlasting love
your magnetic voice & your beautiful face re in my heart
you are my angel of music joe
i love you
je t'aime

sheila xxxxxxxxxxx

From Katia C. de Rivadeneira    21.10.2003 20:17:31

A great page, his music always be alive between us, specially my husband and me. Send from Lima, Peru.

From Lucky Luke    13.10.2003 20:23:10

Nice to see English page finally working! Joe would have been glad....

From Sophie Demers    06.10.2003 21:01:55

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Sophie Demers. J'habite en Francais. J'ai seize ans. Je suis un grande ventilateur de Joe Dassin. J'aime écouter sa musique surtout l' Amerique! Il est fantastique. J'ai été très dérangé quand j'ai découvert qu'il avait mort. C'est un honte.


Sophie x x x

From Bernard Verstraeten    28.09.2003 17:40:46

Merci Joe pour cette chanson, qui me fait penser a une des meilleures copines possible au monde!
Jules, t'es un meilleur copain!

From Bernadette    13.09.2003 10:58:18

Great site!!It keeps Joe alive.....thanks

From Julie    11.09.2003 16:46:46

Wow! It's formidable that the English part of the site's opened!
Hey, English and American fans, where YOU are? Welcome!!!!
Your dream's come true!!!!
Long Live Joe Dassin!!!!!!!