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From Ria    25.12.2014 10:39:00

From the Netherlands i wish the family of Joe Dassin and all the fans around the world a merry christmas
Let us enjoy his warm voice and his music every day with pleasure.

From victoire andersen    01.12.2014 12:45:30

-- saluto joe dassin e christope aline molti auguri vorrrei un tour in italie abbasso il razzismo,.. siete geniali j0e t''aime votre merbeilleuse tour Eiffel.

From victoire andersen    27.11.2014 14:45:34

-- l'italie,les petit,la canzone francese meravigliosa ringrazio christope bevilaqua grazie vi amo.

From Mei    05.11.2014 01:20:18

I started learning French since I lived in Montreal. Joe is definitely my favorite singer in French language. I'm currently making a 2 minute short film as my graduate student work in a college. I'd love to use one of his song (a toi) for the ending of the film. I can not find the contact of any of the authors of this song. If anyone get give me a direction where/who to contact it would super wonderful. My email address is Many many thanks in advance

From Maria Cristina Machado    15.10.2014 10:24:06

i'm live in Brazil. I love Joe Dassin. Thank you very, very much!

From M.    10.09.2014 07:02:05

My favorite. Thank you for all the detailed information.

From martha    21.08.2014 01:59:29

34 years already. Joe, you and your songs are unforgettable. What you wanted happens: you and your songs help people in life.

From Ria 20.08.2014 21:18:12

Mon cher Joe aujourd'hui 34 années que vous n'êtes pas plus avec nous. Nous ne vous oublierons jamais à cause de votre belle musique. Il est intemporel comme vous. Je t'aime pour toujours. Ria

From Ria 01.08.2014 17:29:57

mon cher Joe. Tu me manques tellement, un quotidien j'écoute votre musique et chanter avec vous. Merci aux petits films sur you tube je peux vous voir chanter. Changement Je change un peu de vent, Ca m'avance a quoi, Pas sentimental, j'aime que les chansons beaucoup.
Joe vous êtes le meilleur chanteur jamais en France, et je t'aime pour toujours. Au revoir, mon cher Joe, vous êtes toujours dans mon coeur. Ria

From Ria    29.04.2014 22:16:22

Merci Eduardo for your words. You are so right about this.
I wish that many people read your words.
I'm glad that we as Joe Dassin fans are thinking the same.
au revoir. Ria

From Eduardo Brum    28.04.2014 23:09:21

Joe Dassin was Jewish, just like Jesus! Many people who hate Jews but love joe Dassin should be educated that the Jews are GOOD people and they should not hate at all. I have been a fan of Joe Dassin since the summer of 1970. We love him so much in France, in Brasil & in the rest of the world. The whole world was & is in love with Joe Dassin.
Joe Dassin était juif, tout comme Jésus! Beaucoup de gens qui haïssent les Juifs, mais aiment Joe Dassin devraient être instruits que les Juifs sont de bonnes personnes et qu'ils ne doivent pas haïr à tous. J'ai été un fan de Joe Dassin depuis l'été 1970. Nous l'aimons tellement en France, au Brésil et dans le reste du monde. Le monde entier était et est amoureux de Joe Dassin.
Joe Dassin era judío, como Jesús! Muchas personas que odian Judios pero encanta Joe Dassin deben ser educados que los Judios son gente buena y que no hay que odiar-los en este mundo. He sido un fan de Joe Dassin desde el verano de 1970. Amamos lo tanto, en Francia, en Brasil y en el resto del mundo. El mundo entero estaba y está enamorada de Joe Dassin.
Joe Dassin era judeu, assim como Jesus! Muitas pessoas que odeiam os judeus, mas amao Joe Dassin devem ser educados que os judeus são pessoas boas e não devem odiar-os tanto nesse mundo. Eu tenho sido um fã de Joe Dassin desde o verão de 1970. Nós o amamos tanto na França, no Brasil e no resto do mundo. O mundo inteiro estava e está apaixonada por Joe Dassin.
Joe Dassin era ebreo, proprio come Gesù! Molte persone odiano gli ebrei, ma l'amore Joe Dassin. Dovrebbero essere educati che gli ebrei sono persone buone e non li deve odiare così tanto in questo mondo. Sono stato un fan di Joe Dassin dall'estate del 1970. Amiamo sia in Francia, il Brasile e il resto del mondo. Il mondo intero era ed è innamorata di Joe Dassin.

From Ria    01.01.2014 01:48:04

Dear Joe,

The last day of another year without you.
You are so much on my mind. Thanks that you make so much lovely songs, so i can listen your music every day. I love all of them, and i cannot choose my most favourite. Thanks to this site, i can sing the songs together with you, and enjoy also the French language.
I hope i will see you again when i'm leaving this life.
Till then, je'taime Joe...

From minou 06.11.2013 01:13:12


From martha    05.11.2013 22:47:23

Today it's Joe's 75th birthday. For so many of us Joe and his music are unforgettable. As long as I may live I will listen to his music. All he left us, it's so beautiful.

From laurelle    22.08.2013 08:37:44

33 annee...Mon Angel Cheri...pourquoi?
Tu m'as donne tant de mistere dans ma vie et un coeur brisee .
Je t'aime cher Joe.

From Jay    21.08.2013 18:50:55

Thanks for the great website!

From martha    20.08.2013 21:22:51

33 years..... I still remember when I heard the bad news about Joe, for me it was unbelievable. I am very glad that I have seen Joe on stage in Antwerp on the 10th of March 1977 and I still have the tickets of that evening. In his music and in our harts he will live forever, I am sure of that.

From victoire andersen    13.08.2013 23:56:23

dear joe dassin j'ecute to beautè chancon d'amour merveillesus champs elisee l'amour in dans nevrex is pri fleure de boyte famme merci.

From Dieter Schuster    11.07.2013 20:43:55


who can tell me where I can buy the german mp3 version of he song: A vélo dans Paris. Thank you