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From georgis    08.03.2010 01:30:17 this is my mariage ------joe dassin melody

From Radek    10.11.2009 22:32:21

way instead of ***.
There is not the official web site of Joe Dassin, but maybe you know any e-mail address to a person/company who has the right to songs of Joe Dassin? Thanks to YouTube I back to his songs, and - extra - I have learn the lirycs ( - it is excellent! But YouTube had ordered cancel this song. Withaut a promotion young people will not know his songs - especially ther is a lot of other movies at YT - but without translate of lirycs.

From minou    05.11.2009 03:48:22

Happy birthday, to you American prince!

From aagii    24.10.2009 12:09:46


Wow!His songs are wonderful, isn't it. Did you listen those. Iwish I had speak in french.

Welcome to Joe Dassin

From Mongolia

From Aagii    24.10.2009 11:23:10

It's fantastic,is it.I'm loving Joe Dassin. His beautiful voice, handsome face are in my heart. I really like to study French, I think so it's difficult. Its all right. Now I study Italian. Merci:)

I'm Mongolian

From Sadegh    18.10.2009 23:00:26

I'm from Iran. A Persian.

I just wanted to say that his songs inspired me to start to learn French.

Joe! Reposez en paix.

From Paulius    16.10.2009 22:53:26

I agree with my Bulgarian colegue "I have listened to Joe Dassin's wonderful songs when I was a child". In Soviet Union Joe Dasin was one of non prohibited singers. I remember tragical day, then the Soviet Union TV, was said "The hearth of the Star of Joe Dasin leave's us". Joe songs lives with me. Now i started to learn france language, Joe songs helps me to do this.

From Julie Sonnenschein    20.08.2009 15:55:01

R.I.P., dear Joe!

From marcel leboeuf    20.08.2009 02:44:05

Great site!

From Derek    14.08.2009 18:13:39

Good luck. You have my support :)

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From Mr. Madeek    10.08.2009 15:44:05

Keep up the good work

From Frank Flash    05.08.2009 14:36:31

great site keep it up

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From Thomas    16.06.2009 17:58:04

interisting site !!!

From fernando    08.06.2009 14:34:28 i want to talk jow dassin with people

i love you you make my cry and inspired

From Anamaria    31.05.2009 01:34:57

Dear Joe,

It is amazing... You left all of us crying our hearts out loud for you when were gone... but almost 29 years later, people from all over the world still remember you like you left yesterday. I never had the chance to see you... and that is something that makes me suffer. I can only listen to your songs and see your videos now. I loved you with all my heart and still do. You will never, ever, ever be forgotten. You are alive in my heart like you were when you dedicated that beautiful song "Le Portugais" to my people. I miss you so much and hope one day God has a little place in heaven for me too so then I can tell you how much I LOVE AND ADMIRE YOU...