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From Frank Flash    05.08.2009 14:36:31

great site keep it up

From WM    08.07.2009 03:49:18


From Pet    17.06.2009 14:03:02


From Thomas    16.06.2009 17:58:04

interisting site !!!

From fernando    08.06.2009 14:34:28 i want to talk jow dassin with people

i love you you make my cry and inspired

From Anamaria    31.05.2009 01:34:57

Dear Joe,

It is amazing... You left all of us crying our hearts out loud for you when were gone... but almost 29 years later, people from all over the world still remember you like you left yesterday. I never had the chance to see you... and that is something that makes me suffer. I can only listen to your songs and see your videos now. I loved you with all my heart and still do. You will never, ever, ever be forgotten. You are alive in my heart like you were when you dedicated that beautiful song "Le Portugais" to my people. I miss you so much and hope one day God has a little place in heaven for me too so then I can tell you how much I LOVE AND ADMIRE YOU...

From Marina k    27.05.2009 09:11:39

Your magical, charming voice's
Reaching me deep inside,
Passing throughout my heart
With beautiful, gorgeous light.

You’re singing “The Guitar Don't Lie” –
I’m melting with every word...
I’d like to share my “Sunday Times”
Always with you, my Lord.”

“A toi”, for you - in my soul
Your lyrics will always play.
I love listening to “Cote banjo…” rhythm -
There'll always be St. Francisco Bay…

With Love...

From Gilik    21.05.2009 15:05:45

"Salut" is the most beautiful song of Joe's repertoire and of all french songs.He still lives in his two sons.
Shalom Joe.

From Kortis    21.05.2009 13:01:09

I like this website! Thanks!

From Diana    02.05.2009 02:51:36

Hi All!
I have listened to Joe Dassin's wonderful songs when I was a child in my native Bulgaria and vividly remember my mother singing with the radio :);and must say they are truly inspirational! He was such an amasing singer with incredible soft voice and presence. Thank you for this site. I wasn't familliar with his biography but now I am and thank you for the lovely pictures too. I love French music and cinema and this site is a real treasure trove. Keep up the good work!

Greetings from London

From minou    07.04.2009 02:03:52

if anybody is looking for JOE DASSIN CDs go to . the site is safe and the prices are fair.

From Ruth    04.04.2009 20:32:25

I went looking for a copy of City of New Orleans in French and found much more. I discovered Joe Dassin. Amazing!

From Hector Lopez    17.03.2009 21:35:54

I came across Joe Dassin par hassard, while on holidays a couple of years ago. Since then I became addicted to his music, c'est vraiment la fete pour moi.

From man from Fnland 09.03.2009 19:02:19

Et si tu n'existais pas...thank you for the music,Joe

From Alberto    16.02.2009 02:08:01

Amigos, soy un gran admirador de Joe, tengo un blog en el cual he puesto un link de èsta pàgina.Los invito a conocer mi trabajo y que disfruten de varios post que he realizado como un humilde tributo a Joe Dassin, el amigo de mi adolescencia con sus canciones.
Un fuerte abrazo, desde Argentina.

From Amayia    06.02.2009 23:49:39


From Amayia    06.02.2009 23:48:45

Very good site. I'll visit it again.

From Voor al    29.01.2009 20:16:25

Nice site! keep up the good work!

From Matt    02.12.2008 23:33:42

listening to joe brings sunshine to my darkest days: a ray of light in this otherwise pitch-black world. merci, joe, merci.