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From musicman    13.05.2007 19:44:33

does anyone know where i can get the trombone sheet music to aux champs elysees?

From Andrzej 05.05.2007 23:19:07

I like Joe Dassin songs very much.

From Barbara Peterson    16.03.2007 00:13:57

I first heard Joe in a taverna in Athens. I loved the song he was singing
L'ete Indien and kept requesting they play the song over and over...this
was in 1978. Little did I know he would not be with us for long. I go to
his gravesite here at the Hollywood Forever cemetary to visit and put
flowers to remember him. Like Elvis Presley, I miss the fact that he is
gone from us. I pray that he has found peace. Most Americans haven't
heard of him until I mention that he is my favorite French singer.

From Ciniak    07.03.2007 15:03:44


Et si tu n'existais pas ......

From Monsieur K.M.    24.02.2007 02:26:05

Hello! I'm a fan since 2004! Joe Dassin has made great songs with good lyrics!


Bonjour! Je suis un fan de Joe Dassin parce qu' il a des belles chansons avec des bonnes textes!

From SandyMH    30.01.2007 12:55:20

To Big Fan: I don't like this neither, but there is no other way to make spambots leave this place. Our site really suffers from them, it is just impossible to stay online all the day to delete their stuff. And I think that no Joe's fan loves to see porn pictures, promotion and other sorts of crap in the forum...

From A Big Fan 29.01.2007 17:18:32

Hello all on this site

Joe Dassin was (I think he stills but he is dead.. I don't know) a very amaizing singer. I wish he stills alive so I can hear him sing live.

A Very Big Fan

A Note To The Makers of this Web page: It is difficult to guess the missing letters if you don't speak very English..!!

From Jacek    18.01.2007 23:48:32

mimo młodego wieku a muzyka Joe ta mnie rozwala a numer Et si tu n'existais pas ..... no nie ma w polskiej muzyce czegoś takiego. Best regards for Joe and all who love that music, lyrcics etc. Viva Pologne

From Zhannik 06.01.2007 02:01:04

Hi! I'm from Russia. I'm 21.
Here on one of TV channels there was Joe's concert on New Year's Eve. It was so amazing!!!
Joe's a unique singer & musician!!!

From Sunny    29.12.2006 12:31:24

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From Anne lee man yan    26.12.2006 13:28:10

I just came across this guestbook while looking for Mike Brant Biography. When I grew up, I listened to Joe Dassin`s music. My favourite is Cecilia. Only a coupleof weeks ago I mentioned to someone call Cecilia, I know a song about Cecilia and started singing Cecilia ton vin est trop doux mais
jaime le gout sur tes leveres. Long live Joe.

From Jim Witt    22.12.2006 04:42:40

I came across Joe by accident. I'm a big Mireille Mathieu fan with over 130 of her videos (TV shows, segment etc). A fan from France gave me a copy of the 1975 Numero 1 prorgam. Not knowing Joe is an American, his salute to the era of the big band music caught my attention. Are there any other videos available? I digitally enhance Mimi's programs and I'm doing the same to the program I have. Joe looks like a cross of Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis in the Big Band Salute.

From Hugo manuel guerreiro roque    07.12.2006 18:32:55

Merci, Monsieur Dassin.

From LarryL    19.11.2006 07:23:00

I had to find this site! Trying to stay true to my roots "du nord", I listen to a french language program on Sundays. Someone asked to hear "Happy Birthday" by Joe Dassin. Of course I cried, and vowed to learn more of this Joe Dassin.
I remember "Soiree Canadien", and Levi Boulonge, Marcel Martel, et al.
Je me souviens! Merci

From Alessandro    18.11.2006 20:19:45

It`s excellent!!! My thanks:)

From Rodolfo    17.11.2006 06:07:11

I am from Argentina .I have 18 years and I discovered Joe by accident ,when i bought a LP of french music because it had a song of Gerard Lenorman.Joe IS great ,very romantic and his music is the best,now i want to go to france

From David    14.11.2006 21:41:10


From Julie    05.11.2006 22:57:57

Happy Birthday, dear Joe! You're always in our hearts, smiling

From myso 25.10.2006 19:44:47

whoa i got
Le costume blanc
Le Jardin du Luxembourg
on vinyl!