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From Barbara    18.08.2006 15:22:57

His songs make me cry, laugh, wonder about life and much reminds me childhood and good time with my parents.This music is incredible.
With his songs everything is possible to achieve and succeed in many things,have a hope and never give up.
I think he was a man, who knew how to live and appreciate the life. A man with the pure soul.


From April Smart - UK    14.08.2006 01:43:00

I discovered Joe Dassin by accident through the Internet, how I wish he was still with us. Thanks for all the terrific information on the site, it is a pleasure to read.

From Mister X    26.07.2006 00:12:20


In my opinion Joe Dassin is not a "traditional singer" like many others. He was a wonderful man with magical voice. I still remember The Indian Summer, one of the best songs wich I have ever heard. It makes me really emotional.
Joe Dassin has a short, but happy life. Now he is singing with angels. I hope that.

Best wishes,
a fan from Estonia.

From Solia    10.07.2006 20:15:41

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From Saul Gorovoy    03.07.2006 03:04:30

Joe Dassin....His name means so much to me...Words fail me.His voice, its special tone, its warmth, its unique charm have captured my heart since my early childhood,when I used to climb up my mum's armchair trying to reach that shelf crammed up with vynils,my small,akward fingers fumbling for his record...And every time the sound of his voice filled the room, I would forget all the troubles and worries, leaving all the fears,all my anxiety behind...Which is still so much true, up until now, 25 years later...Joe's voice reverberates through my heart, mind and soul,making all the negative emotions,all the fears and worries seem all of a sudden so insignificant, taking me on a journey back to my childhood...
Thank you for such a meticulous labor,perpetuating this great man's work!Saul,Israel

From Maj-Lis    15.06.2006 04:26:43

It was autumn 1971 I had come to Switzerland to work as an au pair. I'll never forget that saturday afternoon watching tv when I first saw and heard Joe. In a strange way he remineded me a little bit of Elvis. I went to the record shop on monday and bought my first record with him "le chemin de papa". After that I bought many more. He is a great artist and will live for ever more.
Love and hugs

From Guy and Uncle Denis 10.06.2006 07:23:48

I remember back in the early 70's when my Uncle Denis used to pick me up to take me to Grandma and Grandpa's, listening to Joe's "EIGHT track"!! in my Uncles car. I was 10 or 11 then and now at 44, I listen to Joe with my G/F Lizzie.
I hope Joe is still playimg in Heaven and someday I will meet you!
Guy Chamberlain (Rouyn. Noranda, PQ)

From Liz    19.04.2006 00:16:32

Hi All,

I love Joe. although I have only recently discovered him I am so into what he did and am so sorry that he died so young.

I lived through the 60s and actually never heard of him then, but there was a lot of stuff going on at the time in the UK. I think he is great and we should try to keep him going. Spread the word!

Great guy! Great songs!

Keep on Rockin' Joe!

From IRENE    11.04.2006 22:06:55

Thanks for such a detailed boigraphy of Joe Dassin.Your enourmous work is seen on this simple, but well-structured and captivating site.

From Slavko    07.04.2006 20:01:19

Znam tego człowika od mojego dzieciństwa.Mogę powiedzieć,że wychowałem się na jego piosenkach, ciepłych i romantycznych wyśpiewanych wspaniałym głosem. Bardzo brakuje mi nowych piosenek Joe Dassina od nieszczęsnego sierpnia 1980 roku. Joe I miss You...

From Dilkash Ahmed    04.04.2006 20:30:33

I listened to Joe Dassin and Michel Sardou when I was learning French in college. Those old cassettes have become obsolete a long time ago but thanks to the Internet, I am able to listen to some of memorable songs once again. I would be grateful if anyone can help me identify a somewhat bluesy song by Joe Dassin, about rural life in the Midi. The lyrics are about a pair of rabbits that multiply(!) and some tree that gets chopped, and a friend named Toni... All I can remember in French are some words from the lyrics that go.."mais il fait chaud dans notre Midi..."

From Silvio Košuti?    31.03.2006 13:49:54

Thanks for Your enormous work and our pleasure to enjoy Joe Dassin's unique talent that will shine forever.

From very nostalgic    11.03.2006 06:38:24

I was 4 yrs old when he died. had one Joe Dassin cassette. he was, after Beatles my earliest link to foreign music. later sis gave it to someone and until few days ago I didn't hear any of his work and when I did, it felt like running back into childhood. great man :)
I wanna eat my guts for not knowing French well enough to sing it all.
greetings from Novi Sad, Serbia

From admirer    06.03.2006 00:52:55

After so many years Joe Dassin is not forgotten and his songs are still with us. I was only two years old when he died but I always remembered the melodies. Thank you Joe!
from Belgrade, Serbia

From simone    16.02.2006 10:06:50

I´m searching for my father a song: "Paris se réveille". Maybe it´s a part of the song. Who can help? Thanks

From Katia (Pologne)    13.01.2006 22:08:20

Merci, merci et encore fois merci! :) C'est site super et Joe Dassin, il ete... super aussi!!!

From Cyprian    12.01.2006 13:43:17

good work

From Phent    10.01.2006 01:53:00

Found your site in google, and it has a lot of usefull information. Thanks. .

From CEZARY -ARTUR    30.12.2005 01:11:58

i never forget you joe!!! we loves you .We are from POLAND