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Джо Дассен: Sometime lovin'

Джо Дассен: Sometime lovin' (1966)
I don't want your sometime lovin'
That falls like summer rain
As I slept through too long winters
And love's been where my head has lain

When you've travelled, the fair north wind
blowing on your window pane
When you've found the warmth she brings you
Come find me once again

And when you've seen a hungry grassland
Reach out to kiss the rain
When you've seen how strong her kiss is
Come and kiss me once again

And when the earth has turned her seasons
And her love has brought the grain
If you find that love inside you
Come and live with me again


Auteur: G. Sheerton
Adaptateur: J.M. Rivat
Arrangements: Johnny Arthey
(p) 1966 ed. SBK Songs
Enregistrement: novembre 1966

Оригинал: "Sometime lovin'"


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