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23.08.2006 17:06:15

Just testing now :)

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From Balazs Gimesi     06.09.2006 12:15:29

He's marvellous. One of the French and American singers but I think he was French, not so American. He was the best.

From Carlos     24.11.2006 00:00:16

You right about that, also very intelligent. He can sing in Spanish, and he did it very well.

From Monsieur K.M.     09.03.2007 18:25:23

He sung in German, too. e. g. "Es gibt Mädchen so zum Lieben" and "Das sind zwei linke Schuh"!


Il a chanté en Allemand, aussi. Par example "Es gibt Mädchen so zum Lieben" et "Das sind zwei linke Schuh".

From Timbo     29.08.2008 23:23:30

Indian Summer the best romantic song ever, be it sung in French or English. Why oh why is it not on English Radio 2 on Sunday mornings at (9am+ with Steve Wright) God only knows, but then his idea of a romantic song leaves little to be desired. Enough said.

From tamo     23.05.2009 23:45:31

i egree all of you, he was the best. his death was big tragedy :(

From Victor A     08.08.2009 07:18:31

Like most of you, I miss Joe Dassin terribly. I feel like there is a giant void, especially when I watch videos of him on youtube. It seems like the most decent, loving people are always called to Heaven much too early. His songs and his voice are so full of love, humor, and friendship...

From RODICA     27.03.2010 14:24:29

There is only ONE JOE DASSIN, and I love him !!!

From doina     30.03.2010 16:44:13

iubesc acest cantaret inefabil,as fdori sa aflu mai multe despre el cu multumiri

From doina     30.03.2010 16:45:42

este minunat,asa un cantaret se naste odata la 1000 de ani

From jack     29.06.2010 03:28:54

I love Joe dassin and want to join you

please write back soon

From ALICIA     31.10.2012 02:45:28


From bev menges     05.02.2014 12:43:56

Still have him in my heart.

From Anna     23.01.2019 08:31:58

I first heard Joe when I was 7 y.o. He was long gone by that time... Since then music for me is Joe, so talented, so different in every song, so progressive. Very rarely I can listen to other singers, but Joe's songs are in my ears every day!)

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