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From Zilvinas    18.10.2016 11:55:23

Merci! Thanks for you Joe! Stay alive!

From Gregor Koskar    14.03.2016 09:00:25

Thank you Joe Dassin for your beautyful songs! You was and still are one of the best songwriters and singers ever! You are gone but your music always will be here! Thank you!!! R.I.P Joe Dassin

Gregor from Sweden

From Zocher    08.03.2016 19:37:01

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From Mike Meere    04.03.2016 21:26:47

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From victoire du mont    21.02.2016 22:07:19

- merci beucoup si vous dire adie ale moxtruosite in europe in sud.

From victoire du mont    21.02.2016 22:05:32

mon artiste du temp franceise joe dassin je'vu l'attack in paris of uadist attck terrorist, la follie la prostituction du monde in nevra carneficier du moxtruose j'ai premie nobel in france je pene quie la frace is superlative in attack in front uk terrificant exoterismo spirits cancelliamoa dalla cartina geografica mostruosità di un orso war attack paxifist contre l'italie fascist and uk the moxtruosite jadstr strog libertè adie avec vou dire adie. victoire du mont.

From Goran    01.01.2016 22:52:05

Thanks to Joe,I fell in love with the french language and culture which never ends. MERCIE JOE POUR TOUJOUR.

From Ria de Schutter    27.11.2015 10:43:58

Last year, someone contact me on this site. Since then, we write to each other about Joe and other things Today is her birthday, so congratulations to you Martha from Joe and me, because our love for Joe brings us together . Have a very nice day.

From Ria de Schutter    05.11.2015 13:12:04

5 novembre 1938. A star is born. Joe your music is timeless. Since 20 august 1980, you are a star in the sky, I listen your music every day with pleasure, as all your fans around the world. When i feel sad, your music keep me going on. Your the best medicine for me. I think of you. I love you forever.

From Alejo Bel    29.08.2015 21:51:51

Hola, muchos saludos..

Hace poco he re descubierto esta hermosa voz; tengo pequeños recuerdos de mi niñez, de una canción de Dassin, hoy creo tener la madurez para entender sus letras y el portento de sus voz y su menaje, gracias por esta pagina tan bonita y completa. De nuevo saludos y gracias...

From Ria    20.08.2015 15:24:36

Mon cher Joe. 35 années vous n'êtes plus sur cette terre sont, mais vous vivez dans mon cœur tous les jours jusqu'à ma mort. À toi pour toujours, je t'aime, Ria

From Ria de Schutter    14.07.2015 16:47:58

À tous les Français; félicitations pour 14 juillet. Profitez de cette journée

From adriana    10.06.2015 23:55:24

Joe Dassin, Eterno, su maravillosa voz vivirá por siempre, me encanta escucharlo; gracias por esta pagina

From Patrycja 09.05.2015 22:57:24

I love your music. The best artist!

From Jarmo Luukka    10.03.2015 23:45:14

Every day i need to see and hear you. I cannot live without exciting evening time

From Marcus Patka    08.01.2015 21:26:11

Dear Madam or Sir,

The Jewish Museum Vienna is currently planning an exhibition about Jewish pop and jazz musicians. The working title is “Tops of Jewish Pops,” and it will take place from March to October 2016. It is being organized by Marcus G. Patka (curator), Alfred Stalzer (curator, press and PR), and Edek Bartz (music producer). It is hoped that it will also be shown in other cities in Europe and perhaps also in North America. This depends amongst other things on the loan status of the objects.

We are therefore writing to ask whether you would be willing to lend us objects relating to Joe Dassin, such as stage costumes, musical instruments, personal memorabilia, photos, records, or newspaper cuttings (headlines). The Jewish Museum Vienna would, of course, conclude a loan contract with you, and the items would be insured.

We would like particularly to be able to present Joe Dassin prominently in the exhibition.

Yours sincerely,
Marcus Patka

From martha    01.01.2015 19:55:31

Happy New Year to all of you. I agree with Ria, let's enjoy Joe's music, forever.

From Ria de Schutter    01.01.2015 12:13:27

Happy newjear for all the Joe Dassin fans. Let us enjoy his music also this year. Very often they play Joe's music on listen and enjoy!!!