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A Great Star

Autor: Monsieur K.M.

09.03.2007 18:22:14

I'm from Germany and a fan since 2004. Joe Dassin has got great songs with good lyrics. That's why I like his songs and his person.

Monsieur K.M.


Bonjour, je suis un jeune Allemand, et je suis un fan de Joe Dassin parce que ses chansons ne sont pas des chansons pour Úcouter quand je repasse. Ce sont des belles chansons - Chansons pour toujours, je pense!

└ bientot,

Monsieur K.M.

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From Radmila     23.03.2007 22:56:12

I love his songs. Great voice, he was a very talented person!
I try to learn French by learning his songs!

From FABIO     25.03.2007 13:19:09

hard to believe but I had head his songs and never bother to find out who this singer I know and its difficult to control the desire to listen to his songs over and over,what a singer!!!!!!sings like the angels

From Monsieur K.M.     19.04.2007 20:25:39

Hello again!
I'm very happy that there are two answers from people who are fans of Joe Dassin - like me.

From Andra     12.05.2007 19:36:42

I've loved Joe Dassin's music for years, ever since a very generous French gentleman and professor offered me his album!
His music makes me dream and hope and I feel very confortable whenever I listen to it; it's got the innocence in it...

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