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From Ria de Schutter    05.11.2021 10:48:38

Dear Joe congratulations with your day of birth. I miss you and listen often to your beautiful music. In my heart you live forever.

From Pa3    22.09.2021 17:35:22

Jestem z Polski. Uwielbiam jego piosenki,tak szybko odszedł.

From Julia 17.04.2021 16:16:28

Love this site but wonder what has happened to the owners because there are no updates or new publications for such a long time. Have you abandoned it? There are huge amounts of Joe's fans in the world and this site would be always popular and much visited.

From Barbara    02.11.2020 18:27:09

Hello CIAO come stai???Bello Musica etc!Felicita!IL MARE IL MARE!Dove al MARE RAVENNA Punta Marina RIMINI????!


From Barbara    02.11.2020 18:25:31

Hello CHIAO come stai???Bello Musica etc!Felicita!IL MARE IL MARE!


From Ria de Schutter    20.08.2020 19:27:00

fourty years ago you died, i'll never forget you, and often listen your beautiful music. Forever in my heart, i love you


From Ally    30.12.2019 03:34:03

A new fan, but very grateful to have found his works and this site! I first heard him on my trip to France (Summer 2019) where our tour guide in Paris played “Les Champs Élysées” while we drove around the Arc de Triomphe. Thankfully I made a note of it and upon my return to America began listening to his other songs and each time I think I find the best one, the next is better!

From siurells    05.11.2019 18:59:40

Bonne anniversaire, cher Joe :-). Merci pour toutes tes chansons et ta voix merveilleuse et ta personalité... tu reste dans nos coeurs et n'es jamais oublié.

From Alison    21.04.2019 20:12:41

Miss his voice and lovely presence. I was a teenager when he left us to sing with the angels. It is so unfair ! I still can’t believe he is no longer among us. His boys continue his legacy.
Thank you for this great site !

From Carla    08.08.2018 17:44:13

I stumbled across this page looking for different, I bet everybody got stuck with a very special one.

This site is amazing, really love it.

Just one it still working? I mean I tried to make a question about a book thread and when trying to respond, it doesn't allow me

Thanks a lot in advance

From Ozan    26.07.2018 10:23:33

I was raised with Joe's songs as a child in the 80s. His distinct voice and melodies are unforgettable. Many years later in my 40s I decided to find out more about who was behind these legendary songs that always touched me since I was a kid. Finding out that Joe passed at an early age made me feel very sad. I listen to Joe's songs on a regular basis. Thank you for some of the greatest songs in the world, the feelings and the emotions you had me experience.

From Richard Sikkens    15.03.2018 18:37:43

Ik ben sinds kort in het bezit gekomen van een 3 cdset.
Wat ben ik blij dat ik deze heb.
Wat een fantastische zanger...zoveel meer dan 1 of 2 hits geweldig.
Ik ga nu met geweldige muziek van Joe dassen op vakantie naar ........Frankrijk....dubbel genieten

From Zilvinas    18.10.2016 11:55:23

Merci! Thanks for you Joe! Stay alive!

From Gregor Koskar    14.03.2016 09:00:25

Thank you Joe Dassin for your beautyful songs! You was and still are one of the best songwriters and singers ever! You are gone but your music always will be here! Thank you!!! R.I.P Joe Dassin

Gregor from Sweden

From Zocher    08.03.2016 19:37:01

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From victoire du mont    21.02.2016 22:07:19

- merci beucoup si vous dire adie ale moxtruosite in europe in sud.

From victoire du mont    21.02.2016 22:05:32

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From Goran    01.01.2016 22:52:05

Thanks to Joe,I fell in love with the french language and culture which never ends. MERCIE JOE POUR TOUJOUR.

From Ria de Schutter    27.11.2015 10:43:58

Last year, someone contact me on this site. Since then, we write to each other about Joe and other things Today is her birthday, so congratulations to you Martha from Joe and me, because our love for Joe brings us together . Have a very nice day.