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From brian    07.01.2008 09:25:48

listening to one of his lps now..the one with the two beautiful girls with him on the cover.
Bought this because it looked interesting but I will not be keeping it. I'm more of a 1960's 70s rock man
Any takers for this me'
It is Australian pressing with a gatefold sleeve

From Sridyah Eka    07.12.2007 19:20:57

His songs reminds me of the blissful days of my childhood in Algeria. My Dad used to play them on and on.

From SILVIO FERNANDO PELAEZ    06.12.2007 06:21:31

esas canciones esas letras no parecen escritas por un hombre sino por aguien que escribia de la mano de dios, dedicandole todo su amor a la humanidad- lo escribe alquien que crecio con el amor de su alma y para mi joe dassin nunca morira.
por favor traduzcan todo al espaņol.
bogota - colombia

From nina:)    01.12.2007 00:37:08

Ohhh:) His music makes me sooo happy:)
My dad bougth his cd, and I borrowed It, and I have to say; I love the music, can`t help It:)

Love Nina
- Norway.

From Beedy Greenman    10.11.2007 18:23:08

Just heard Joe's "Champs Ellysees" song in the credits to "The Darjeeling Limited" movies. wonderful to hear his voice and remember him singing Gelrges Brassens songs on the ski trips at Ecolint in the 50's. Good Joe.

From Togrul Almemmedov    03.11.2007 00:16:21

This message is wrrritten by Azerbaijanian. I want to say that the place is not important. Altough I'm 16 and I have never seen Joe Dassin, my hobby is listening to Joe Dassin Lyrics. Not only me, my family loves him to. I can say that, I have listened about 50-60 Joe Dassin Lyrics. All of songs are very great. The greatest songs for me are: L'ete Indien, Salut, Et Si Tu N'iexstais Pas, Ca Va Pas Changer Le Monde, A Toi, Le Cafe Des 3 Colombies, L'albatros, Le Jardi Du Luxembourg and other..... When I'm very tired I prefer to listen this songs... I can write more sentences. The greateness in these lyrics for me is describing my past and other.... I please taht you send messages to my e-mail about Joe-Dassin......

From Barak V. 22.10.2007 03:54:48

One of the greatest singers of all time, some would say the greatest - a voice so powerful, it magically joins the soul with the spirit of life itself, no matter where the listener might be or what his inclinations are.

Live on in us, live forever!

From Yury Zak    15.09.2007 22:22:05


I was in the Sochi area last August. My girlfriend tuned music on on her cell phone. And here he was, Joe Dassin, with his beautiful voice. I asked my girlfriend to turn it back on again and again.

Now I am back in USA, search the net and very happy that Internet gives me GREAT OPPRTUNITIES, not only download Joe's songs but also watch his videos.

I listen to his songs all over again! Just like 20-30 years agao back in USSR.

Does anyone know more sites with Dassin's videos?


From mary crowther    31.08.2007 23:39:03

remembering a kind and gentle man with a lovely smile,rest in peace dear joe, haveing concerts in heavon,with darling mike.xxmary.xx

From Panekok    01.07.2007 21:45:34

Hi guys.
I was infected by Joe's music since 1972-
The music even french or englisch neither german is fantastic.
I love the music and the lyrics.
Joe forever

From Johanne Leblanc    09.06.2007 09:08:40

I must have heard my mother listening to his music because it has left such an impact on me. Everytime I hear his voice or the simple tought of him I feel this fulness in my heart. I recently went to the pharmacy to pick up my digital photos and I saw his cd for 9.99$ what a deal. All the memories of his voice came back as I drove home listening to his voice in my car. What would have he become?, what an awesome man, simger, spirit........ I truly miss him and I can just imagine how his children must miss him sooooooo... When I listen to him i fall in love with my husband all over again. His music is so powerful and meanningful/ I truly miss him. Johanne 40 years old.

From ADRIAN    31.05.2007 13:51:31

Joe was great man!!! This poetic and romantic songs I like very much:-))) thank you Joe!!! Adrian from Poland:-))) Vive la France Vive la Pologne :-))) A plus tard

From musicman    13.05.2007 19:44:33

does anyone know where i can get the trombone sheet music to aux champs elysees?

From Andrzej 05.05.2007 23:19:07

I like Joe Dassin songs very much.

From Barbara Peterson    16.03.2007 00:13:57

I first heard Joe in a taverna in Athens. I loved the song he was singing
L'ete Indien and kept requesting they play the song over and over...this
was in 1978. Little did I know he would not be with us for long. I go to
his gravesite here at the Hollywood Forever cemetary to visit and put
flowers to remember him. Like Elvis Presley, I miss the fact that he is
gone from us. I pray that he has found peace. Most Americans haven't
heard of him until I mention that he is my favorite French singer.

From Ciniak    07.03.2007 15:03:44


Et si tu n'existais pas ......

From Monsieur K.M.    24.02.2007 02:26:05

Hello! I'm a fan since 2004! Joe Dassin has made great songs with good lyrics!


Bonjour! Je suis un fan de Joe Dassin parce qu' il a des belles chansons avec des bonnes textes!

From SandyMH    30.01.2007 12:55:20

To Big Fan: I don't like this neither, but there is no other way to make spambots leave this place. Our site really suffers from them, it is just impossible to stay online all the day to delete their stuff. And I think that no Joe's fan loves to see porn pictures, promotion and other sorts of crap in the forum...

From A Big Fan 29.01.2007 17:18:32

Hello all on this site

Joe Dassin was (I think he stills but he is dead.. I don't know) a very amaizing singer. I wish he stills alive so I can hear him sing live.

A Very Big Fan

A Note To The Makers of this Web page: It is difficult to guess the missing letters if you don't speak very English..!!