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From Kim    01.11.2012 03:36:14

C'est une chanson pour Charles et tous les gens- Merci pour la musique!

From mojgan    24.08.2012 01:08:26

. Ґ ی . ی ی ی Ԙ m'applle mojgan .merci beaucoup pour ces beau allbum.
hello .i'm mojgan from iran.thank you for collect this album.i love joe dassin' song.

From John Jay 11.08.2012 04:46:03

I'm listening to songs that I have not. They're great and his love and vibrancy comes across so clearly! Joe is here... and living... thanks to his lovely personality and songs. I thank for his living and having made us aware and enjoying of his great talents of humanity, of life and music... both being vibrations and reflections of life. Thank you Joe! You're an exceptional talent and living amongst us who love and appreciate life, love and music! You are unforgettable Joe Dassin!

From John Jay    05.08.2012 11:29:18

Several years ago I started collecting love songs in many languages as I speak 5 languages and have lived in many countries finally settled in San Francisco, California. I did not know much about Joe but I happen to have only "Indian Summer" that made me fall in love with it after listening to it on youtube few months ago and seeing Joe himself for the first time. Since then I have seen and enjoyed so many of his songs and performances on youtube. Read about his so untimely death and cried. His personality shines through it and now I have to periodically see and enjoy his immortal gift to us and to generations to come.

I consider myself very lucky and am grateful to have met and known him through listening and enjoying his songs and performances rather recently. Joe was such a beautiful and talented person and his great spirit comes across everytime I watch and listen. I'm sad for his untimely death. Through his performances talented Joe continues giving the beautiful message of love and joy of living to all those who tune in.

Thank you Joe Dassin. May the Universe keep you blessed forever!

From Carmen Lima    12.07.2012 01:27:37

Joe thank you for the legacy that you left us, your music and your songs always are going to me remembered. Your fans will never forget you. You touched a lot of hearts. Love you always

From Ivan    10.07.2012 20:25:43

Hi all - Emigrating from Bulgaria in '87, my mother and I stopped in France where she had to buy Edith Piaff and Joe Dassin. Even without understanding Joe's lyrics, the songs have grown on me with every year. His pleasant, quality voice, good-hearted lyrics, playful music, and the great variety of songs are special - ala ABBA's for me. Very sad that the life of such a genius and a great person was cut short.

Thank you for enriching our lives forever Joe !!
My gratitude to the great people maintaining this great site!

From josie delphonse    30.05.2012 06:33:00

Joe, chanteur de tous les epoques, qui devance son temps dans ses chanssons. Son talent est superbe, son charme n'est pas comme tout autres, son corpulence il y a pas
d'autr pareille, sa voix fait bouger mon coeur. Ma question est toujours, pourquoi il est parti aussi vite.

From Leo    06.11.2011 01:59:30

Happy Birthday!

From Helen 05.11.2011 14:01:30

Happy Birthday, Dear Joe Dassin!

From minou 05.11.2011 05:45:35

Happy Birthday,dear Joe!

From La Shanna    17.09.2011 22:37:14

Thanks for preserving Joe's legacy on this wonderful site!

From a fan 24.08.2011 02:36:39

So, what do you call that "Photo of the week" : Joe & Mantis religiosa?!?

From minou 21.08.2011 04:33:29

yes ,we remember!
yes, we miss him!
yes, we love him!

From Gleise    26.06.2011 08:20:55

Descobri Joe Dassin a pouco tempo, tempo suficiente para que sua voz e seu talento me deixassem to apaixonada! Sou brasileira e estudante do idioma francs.

From Phyllis H. 19.03.2011 14:41:34

I live in Paris now, but even when I lived in San Diego, California several years ago I was listening to Joe Dassin. What a talent! Such a well-rounded musician. Studied at the prestigious Julliard School of Music, obtained a doctorate degree in another arena and all the while produced such sensitive and sensual music. Despite Joe's passing, his music will live on forever. Merci.

From Felicity Tang    27.01.2011 08:06:11

I am a Chinese girl.Many Chinese teenagers do not know Joe.However,I love Joe and his music!His charming voice and good looks attract me a lot.His songs are wonderful!When Joe passed away I have not been born and he never knew that many years later,there is a Chinese girl who loves him so much...
P.S. I hope there will be a Chinese website abut JOE.And I want to make friends with you who love Joe Dassin.Maybe I will send e-mails to you and I hope I can receive e-mails from you! Fj

From Binka    04.12.2010 02:21:35

I spent most of my teenage years holidaying in the south of France in the 1970's and Joe was a big part of my family's life. We always came back from France with the latest single and introduced him to all of our friends in the UK.
We loved him and we miss him. His songs have stood the test of time.

From minou 28.10.2010 19:53:58

Is Indian summer here in New England. Happy birthday, dear Joe Dassin!

From Ethelyn    10.10.2010 09:11:18

I grew up in Belgium, and Joe Dassin was one of the singers I loved listening to on the radio. This talented singer was taken away from us too quickly. I'm glad his spirit lives on in his sons, and in his songs.