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From Leo    06.11.2011 01:59:30

Happy Birthday!

From Helen 05.11.2011 14:01:30

Happy Birthday, Dear Joe Dassin!

From minou 05.11.2011 05:45:35

Happy Birthday,dear Joe!

From La Shanna    17.09.2011 22:37:14

Thanks for preserving Joe's legacy on this wonderful site!

From a fan 24.08.2011 02:36:39

So, what do you call that "Photo of the week" : Joe & Mantis religiosa?!?

From minou 21.08.2011 04:33:29

yes ,we remember!
yes, we miss him!
yes, we love him!

From Gleise    26.06.2011 08:20:55

Descobri Joe Dassin a pouco tempo, tempo suficiente para que sua voz e seu talento me deixassem tăo apaixonada! Sou brasileira e estudante do idioma francęs.

From Phyllis H. 19.03.2011 14:41:34

I live in Paris now, but even when I lived in San Diego, California several years ago I was listening to Joe Dassin. What a talent! Such a well-rounded musician. Studied at the prestigious Julliard School of Music, obtained a doctorate degree in another arena and all the while produced such sensitive and sensual music. Despite Joe's passing, his music will live on forever. Merci.

From Felicity Tang    27.01.2011 08:06:11

I am a Chinese girl.Many Chinese teenagers do not know Joe.However,I love Joe and his music!His charming voice and good looks attract me a lot.His songs are wonderful!When Joe passed away I have not been born and he never knew that many years later,there is a Chinese girl who loves him so much...
P.S. I hope there will be a Chinese website abut JOE.And I want to make friends with you who love Joe Dassin.Maybe I will send e-mails to you and I hope I can receive e-mails from you! Fj

From Binka    04.12.2010 02:21:35

I spent most of my teenage years holidaying in the south of France in the 1970's and Joe was a big part of my family's life. We always came back from France with the latest single and introduced him to all of our friends in the UK.
We loved him and we miss him. His songs have stood the test of time.

From minou 28.10.2010 19:53:58

Is Indian summer here in New England. Happy birthday, dear Joe Dassin!

From Ethelyn    10.10.2010 09:11:18

I grew up in Belgium, and Joe Dassin was one of the singers I loved listening to on the radio. This talented singer was taken away from us too quickly. I'm glad his spirit lives on in his sons, and in his songs.

From tania regina    19.09.2010 00:49:08

Joe era um artista completo inteligente porque ser poliglota na geraçăo dele era dificil mas eu entendo a linha familiar e a inteligencia o fizeram the best ,para mim todo pais tem uma estrela nata e da França era Joe dassin como para os estados Unidos esteve Frank Sinatra e isto que eu penso A Toi.

From reneehubert    12.09.2010 11:45:48

To pay tribute to Joe Dassin reneehubert (YouTube account) made a photobook, with new images, captured from existing clips of our beloved singer-songwriter Joe Dassin.
The attached video gives you an impression of the composition of the album.

Joe Dassin. Une Vie. Un Anniversaire. 2010 : 30 Ans déjŕ.

From Suzanna    26.08.2010 08:04:24

Happened on Joe's music on jango and was inspired. As my upbringing brought me in touch with many cultures, I totally fell in love with his music. The songs touch my soul. Wish I could hear or know more blues by Joe. Loved Guitar don't lie. What a voice.

From bsf    23.08.2010 14:52:13

Buenos dias a todos

From minou 21.08.2010 01:56:13

We miss you, Joe!

From José Alvarez    19.08.2010 19:57:58

Hola, les saludo desde Ecuador, me gusta la Música de Joe Dassin y me gustaría que si alguien tiene partituras de canciones de él, me ayude a conseguirlas, cualquier información escribirme al email,

From Darek Krosno    06.06.2010 13:18:44

Pamiętam jako dziecko w latach siedemdziesištych piosenki Joe nadawane w programie pierwszym polskiego radia. Słuchałem je na starym lampowym odbiorniku "Stolica" Radioodbornik ten rozebrałem potem na częœci i w ten sposób zainteresowałem się radiotechnikš. Radio zmieniło moje życie. Jestem krókofalowcem o znaku SP8RHT.
Ale piosenek Joe słucham nadal i nigdzie nie znajdziecie piękniejszych, bardziej melodyjnych i pachnšcych latami siedemdziesištymi utworów.
Pozdrawiam serdecznie pamiętajšcych o Joe.