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From maris bosh    10.01.2005 18:01:03

je suis etudiant de lettonie. j'ecris un travail d'annee sur joe dassin. et je voudrais que vous m'envoyiez votre opinion de joe et vos pensees sur son role dans la musique francaise en 20 ieme siecle. ca sera tres jolie! apres, je vous envoyera mon travail , quand il sera fini. :) maris bosh

From Ehsan    06.01.2005 13:37:37

I'm Ehsan, a Persian. It is not a long time that I listen to Joe's songs; however I am finding a lot of passion and romance in them. I must confess that I know a word or two of French but the songs are so beautiful so I need not to understand the words to feel the passion. Joe is one of the best singers ever.

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly with his song ...

From Rene GiLL    03.12.2004 09:52:12

I'm a mexican who loves the French culture, The language,etc
BUT, when I introduced my girl,(to Joe's songs ) it became our way to express our romance, it doesn't matter in what mood you are, it leads to a romantic situation when you hear JOE DASSIN,I'VE NEVER HEARD HIM singing in RUSSIAN !
I'll apreciate any input. I live in America, & I'm planning to open up a CAFE with the most romantic singer in the world,
I'll be crazy to start a group of fans in this area, If anybody want to share any ideas, it would be great to have friends who share this pleasure.

From Anna    05.11.2004 23:49:27

Kocham Joe Dassin'a.Jest najwspanialszym twórcą jakiego kiedykolwiek spotkalam. piosenka "salut" jest przepiękna, zresztą jak większosć jego utworów. :)

From Servet    02.11.2004 16:39:29

After 25 years of admiration, when my son moved to Paris,
I had the chance to know the name of this artist.
With one copy-casette I have found, years passed by.
My childeren grew up with his songs like me!
I have found and lost him at the same time.

From Bernadeta    20.10.2004 23:00:48

This is the music that will live forever!Some stars rise and fall but Dassin's songs will stay in peoples hearts because of his wonderful voice, his personality, beautiful words and melodies, but, first of all, because they were sang with true feeling.

From ikenga    19.10.2004 22:14:04

ikenga 1 of keep off....

From Sidbull    17.10.2004 14:29:57

Viva ! Joe Dassin.
Pozdrowienia z Polski !!
Piękne spokojne pioseneczki do poduszeczki.

From philip pawley    16.10.2004 07:17:09

Joe is a wonderful singer.

From Wim    15.10.2004 21:21:16

I've got a question...
there is a song, and I realy don't know the name of it. I do know ,that it speeds up, i think it is the Chorus, I don't have more information, but can you help me...

From Wim    15.10.2004 21:20:41

I've got a question...
there is a song, and I realy don't know the name of it. I do know ,that it speeds up, i think it is the Chorus, I don't have more information, but can you help me...

From fatima    03.10.2004 21:01:58

hi , i am fatima originaly from morocco , i just want say that joe dassin's voice and words has crossed the world , his incredible voice and words , i love his songs i always hear them when i am happy and in love cause they make u live in another life where love is the only thing that exist .
je t aime et tu es le meilleure

From Roman from Russia    03.10.2004 01:52:37

Из России с любовью! Джо, ты с нами навсегда!

From william 17.09.2004 23:22:42

Joe, you came, you saw, and you won

From LINDEN JEAN MICHEL    17.09.2004 18:48:25

in good and bad moments you're still there...
Ihink of you...and DO PRAY FOR YOU.

all our lives the taste of you will feed our lives!'caus' ON A TOUS EN NOUS UN PEU DE PARADIS.

IN GOD WE TRUST.............


From shiidon 01.08.2004 07:52:12

Wonderful web site.
I love Joe's music. Thank you for all of your efforts and useful information.

From Stin    31.07.2004 00:10:58

Joe is great! Bless you all!

From mik    18.07.2004 00:49:06

who sings "salut" in english?

From Tania 15.07.2004 02:10:51

I am so glad that I dicovered Joe's songs. They seem to help me through the day.
Good to see so many people here.